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ConPra next semester

Matching rules announced

Oral part

The oral part of ConPra WS20 procedural update.
The oral part will be mainly conducted via (unrecorded) video calls including the student and two course team members. We set up a separate room in (TUM RBG) BigBlueButton for these video calls, with a fallback to LRZ Jitsi Meet if something goes wrong. We will request to see the TUM ID card.
We schedule the students into medium-size group for a half-day with some default order. Our «waiting room» procedure is: we have created a chat channel at TUM Rocket.Chat, we ask you to join this channel on the day you are in the list, and we will mention the next person from the list (of course if you agree to trade places, we have no problems with that) once we have finished the conversation with the previous student. Rocket.Chat seems to support pop-up notifications for mentions in the usual setups; after approximately a minute with no signs of reaction, we will accept anyone from the time group willing to go next. Once we have sent the link to the video call to whoever is the next, we will try to also mention whoever is expected to be called afterwards.
The current planned days are: 17 February for «as early as possible» requests, the rest are work in progress See the list.
If we put you into the wrong day: please write us, we will update the list. If two of you agree to trade the places inside the day, you can also write us, we will take this into account.

Contest week teams

Team list

Contest week and the oral part

You can start forming contest week teams (2 course participants per team, both members should write to the course email, teams will be published). Contest wek points count towards the course practical part percentage. Individual participatin in the contest week is also fine, but provides no bonus.

Please send to the course email your preferences for the time of the oral part. (Early option still can be negotiated; otherwise — tell us when after the course it is better to have oral part, we will pick the days which allow us to optimise the process)

Course evaluation

Course evaluation should now be open

«Approximation Experimentation about Soup: Contest for Testcase Research» (AES-CTR)

A testcase contest for bonus points! See the archive with the solutions to break in the materials.
AES-CTR scoring: 2 points for breaking each (almost-reasonable) solution (providing a test case that makes it go outside 4x approximation bound), +1 point for a generator capable to provide many diverse testcases breaking the same solution (please specify what is the success rate), and more (see README.txt inside the archive)
Submission via the course email

Oral part

The expected knowledge for the oral part has been added to the materials.
If you have >90% of the currently available expected points, you can write us to ask for passing the oral part during the semester. You are still expected to understand how to apply the material of the future weeks, even though the chance to practice inside the course has not yet been offered! The videocall procedure is the same; the expectation not to discuss specific questions asked applies as usual (if you want to say something but not sure if it is general enough — feel free to ask).

By default the oral part happens after the course, we will ask you about timeslot preferences in the last weeks of the course.

Class meeting

The first meeting will take place on Wednesday 04 November 2020 at 10:01.
A recorded RBG BigBlueButton room will be used for the meetings. Recordings (audio+video+synchronised slide switches, navigable by timestamp and by slide number) are accessible to the course participants like other materials. (We remind the participants that BBB allows to switch off the camera streams in Settings → Data saving)

Preliminary meetings

Preliminary meetings will be held twice; as we are not allowed to hold them in person, they will be held in the local BigBlueButton.
First meeting: Wednesday 01 July 2020, 14:00 (Munich time/EST).
After the first meeting we post the recording and the information slides.
Second meeting (less presentation, mostly for Q&A): Wednesday 08 July 2020, 11:00 (Munich time/EST). (see recording)

Registration details

As usual, the size of the practical course is limited. For course registration, we use the matching system, and we ask the applying students to complete some preliminary tasks.

The amount of work taken into account is two problems (there are some easy ones in the list), and we will check progress before submitting the matching priorities (it is not too late as long as matching system is open for students).

We remind everyone that the practical course includes five programming problems of various complexity per week, and most of them are harder than the easy ones in the list. To demonstrate the prerequisite skills (and interest in the course), we ask the students wishing to register (both local and exchange students) to solve some problems in a similar format. As our internal platform is tied to the local TUM accounts, we use an established third-party platform for programming contest based in EU, SPOJ.


Chosen problems (please solve and submit at least two, more might be taken into account, trying and failing to solve more problems will be evaluated no worse than not trying, problem order is random):
Marker problems, please submit code that immediately prints a wrong answer to the marker problems in this order (the same three problems are repeated twice):